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Concrete is a non-shaped and plastic material when freshly made, but extremely harden when it is dry. This allows designers to creatively form concrete in any sphere, giving it limitless potential to be in any shape, size and have any texture.

Chapel in Valleaceron – Spain – S.M.A.O

Concrete in traditional & contemporary architecture

In traditional architecture, concrete is simply a material in the construction phase, which is made by pouring fresh concrete ( a combination of sand, stone, cement and water) in a formwork, this results in a light grey color in the products (cement’s color). With contemporary architecture, concrete is fully exploited and applied in the completion phase.

Workshop house – Brazil – PAX.ARQ
Workshop house – Brazil – PAX.ARQ
Plain Ties – India – Matharoo Associates
Salk Institute - California - Louis Kahn - Công trình xây dựng năm 1959


Concrete contributed to the creation of skyscrapers, strong bridges and many modern buildings. Moreover, concrete is also proved to be resistant to fire, wind, water, vibrations, and earthquakes, which enhances security and safety.

According to many scientific experiments and proofs, concrete leaves the least carbohydrate (CO2) footprint into the environment, compared to other building materials. This is to say, concrete is eco-friendly and future-oriented. Concrete also proves its importance for the ability to resist harsh weather conditions. Concrete can stay with time, it doesn’t burn, rust or rot compared to other materials.

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paulo (FAU-USP) - Brazil - João Vilanova Artigas and Carlos Cascaldi - Công trình xây dựng năm 1961
Salk Institute - California - Louis Kahn - Công trình xây dựng năm 1959
Salk Institute - California - Louis Kahn - Công trình xây dựng năm 1959

Concrete floor is believed to be modern, efficient and intelligent (according to Forbes) for its ability to store energy: during winter, concrete floor stores energy in the day and gradually releases heat at night. During hot summer, when the sun is high in the middle of the sky, with the design of using overhangs to keep the floor away from sunlight, a concrete floor will always keep the house fresh & cool. It is scientifically proved to reduce the usage of air conditioners by 8% with the application of concrete floors.

Applications of concrete in Vietnam & over the world

Using concrete in architectural designs brings a sophisticated sense to the products, yet exotic and innovative at the same time, conveys a minimalist and brutalist style. Architect Tadao Ando is a master in using bare concrete in his architectural designs.

Because of its minimalism and brutalism, concrete is applied in many contemporary religious architectures.

Variations of concrete

Thanks to the development of science and experiments in creating new materials, variations of concrete are continuously making their names known to the world. For instance, we have color concrete ( with a wide range of colors by adding extra ingredients in the mixing process ) – a typical example is The Rose of Vierschach in Italy.

Another example is the high-strength concrete – which is lighter than traditional concrete and have an extreme benefit in skipping connections. We also have light concrete, concrete bricks, concrete panels – now can be made in a module form to produce in factories and install at constructions, without the need to mix and make directly at the building place – this will ensure the consistency in size and look for completion phase, reduce the spending on budget and time.

Cheese Tart Shop BAKE - Vietnam - 07BEACH
3K Audio Showroom - Vietnam - ForestA

In Vietnam, concrete effect paint is becoming popular nowadays. This paint is quite similar to natural water paint, but using effect paint brings in an authentic touch, making the walls have the exact color and texture as if it was made from bare concrete  (with the similarity falls in between 80 to 90%) – some of the buildings apply concrete effect paint are Cheese Tart Shop BAKE of 07BEACH and 3K Audio Showroom from ForestA.

Bare concrete has been exploited in architecture for long on over the World, but it has just started to develop in Vietnam lately. One architectural office with many fine designs using bare concrete in Vietnam is VTN Architects with “House for Trees” and “Bamboo House”. With an exotic idea, creative, bold and risky, these buildings appear to be eye-catching and interesting when finished.

VTN Architects

Because of the limitation in budget and skills, the quality of bare concrete buildings still does not meet the architects’ desires. The production phase still faces many hindrances in aggregate, skills, process and price; but related businesses are gradually improving in their products. Copppha Builders are one of the organizations that construct high-quality bare concrete for small and medium projects in Vietnam.

Housing project – Vietnam – Nha Tren Cay Studio – Thi công: Coppha Builders (nguồn: facebook Coppha Builders )

Furniture designs from concrete

Along with its potential when used in architecture, concrete is also applied in the production of furniture today.

Concrete is undeniably one of the most fundamental building materials in the twentieth century, continuously being favored and applied in twenty-first century, and is believed to develop in the future due to its flexibility and durability, eco-friendly nature and its unexplored potential.

Author: Trần Nguyễn Phương Minh & Trịnh Thu Thủy


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