3K Audio Showroom: The Sound Box

With the civilization rockets rapidly in this modern era,  cities in Vietnam gradually grow apart from their original core – which is the coexistence and closeness of human beings and nature. Dinh Bo Linh is a “classic” street of Vietnam’s urban areas – where traffic jams, dust,  sound & environmental pollution, and a shortage of “greenness”  are subconsciously making people tenser, poison people with “hurry sickness” and no longer want to interact with each other.


The new showroom space was renovated from a combination of old showrooms, an extended area at the foot of a rather old and displaced apartment building built before 1975. The primary facade of the showroom stretches along with a crowded, bustling and heavy traffic flow.

With time and construction cost is our top priority, the design solution we offer is a minimalist design, high efficiency, limited demolition, taking full potential of the facade for product display.

As seen from the outside, the showroom is a block of rectangular boxes that are minimalist in colors and details in order to promote an innovative and distinctive look, contrasting with the surrounding buildings, thereby attention is easily drawn from street view. The design simply takes advantage of the long facade, retains the current windows with the existing rhythms as display windows, creating a connection between the interior and the outer space.

Interior space is also designed to be minimalist, breaking all the partitions to create one single common space, flexibly connecting office areas, reception, display areas and product testing area on a total floor of 200m2.


To solve the problem of low cost and short construction time, the materials and constructing methods were carefully selected in order to limit the maintenance cost in the future. Polished cement material is used for all floors, interior walls and exterior walls. With traditional materials and construction methods, additives were added to improve the surface quality. This will create a durable material over time, avoiding mold in accordance with the typical hot and humid tropical climate of Vietnam.

Minimalist furniture filled the spacious displaying room with cabinets, shelves made of MDF-coated Veener boards. Existing V-steel frames from the old showroom we re-used into new function to help save costs and reduce the impact to nature, going towards eco-friendly design movement.

  1.    Demolishing old partitions, rearrange the space, moderate and reclaim     the arched doorway.
  2.    Create a throughout space consistent moderate on design language on     lines and colors.
  3.    Shaping functional spaces.
  4.    Generate a connection between indoor and outdoor space.

Architects:    ForestA

Designers:     Trịnh Thu Thủy, Nguyễn Văn Thiện

Design year:    2018 – Year of completion: 2018

Total Area:      250m2

Address:     Đinh Bộ Lĩnh, Quận Bình Thạnh, HCMC

Client:    3K Premium Audio Shop

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