Bulbul Chair


To begin with, our intention is to create a furniture product that brings in a comfortable feeling and is user-oriented.  The chair will have a sense of minimalist, yet strong and sophisticated that will suit many areas and styles.


The product is made to be multi-purpose, it can perfectly fit in any housing area, apartment, or restaurant. We prioritized simplicity and convenience. What makes us comfortable when sitting on a chair is the presence of handles, so with this design, the back and handles surround the user, providing a relaxing and comfortable experience. The chair’s details convey a minimalist and tough sense, which ensures the never-fading, contemporary feature of this product.


With the simple and light character, but also very tough, the chair is easy to carry around for decoration and moving purposes. This add in a flexible and easy-to-use sense for this Bulbul Chair.


The project started in January 2018 in the investigation and design phase. We came to the completion phase in April 2019.


Iron Award  for Furniture – A’Award 2019

Link to A’Award

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