Flatting Apartment

The client is a newly-married couple, who work as a lawyer and a doctor. While having a busy professional life, they would prefer a relaxing and comfortable house, yet still convey their aesthetic, sophisticated style. Our client comes to ForestA’s designers with the desire of having a convenient apartment, where all areas can be used effectively & productively, they also enjoy cooking and having gatherings with friends at their place.


With the intention to optimize our client’s living condition, from the common 2-bedroom apartment structure, the renovation plan suggests eliminating 1 bedroom, leaving the space for the living room, the kitchen and dining room, which strongly support the owners’ main activities and hobbies.

The kitchen area is one of our priorities. With a longer and wider kitchen island, together with a thoughtful designing, measuring and selecting process, the bar, kitchen accessories and appliances are neatly organized in a system of enclosed kitchen cabinets. This allows the need of having many cooking supplies while still maintain a tidy and modern look.

The three main areas living room – kitchen – dining room are designed in a “routing structure” with the advantage of perspective and lighting, the connection produces a compatible large area that is both interesting and inspiring.

There is a small garden by the window side, with the view directly from the dining table bringing a fresh and relaxing atmosphere – this gives a greenness that is usually rare in apartments.

The bedroom is reconstructed, there are 3 main areas from outside in, which are sleeping area, closet and the toilet respectively, these rooms are separated by a system sliding louver wooden doors, which gives the area a spacious and elegant feeling, yet remain a private, personal area when needed.

Furniture is carefully researched and designed for our clients, which convey their style: precise, pretty and sufficient.


Dark, warm tones of colors are prioritized throughout the project. Every single natural stone, every piece of natural wood are thoroughly picked to apply as key materials for the apartment. The contrast between colors and materials’ texture provides a warm, yet strong and characteristic feeling. Natural stone floor brings a fresh feeling, complements with the warmth of wood act as a sign of changing area for owners.

Architects:    ForestA

Designers:    Trịnh Thu Thủy, Lê Uyên Minh, Lê Bảo Quốc Minh

Design year:    2020 – Status: Concept Design

Total Area:    98m2

Address:    Midtown, Quận 7, HCMC, Vietnam

Client:    Mrs.Hằng

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