Peaceful Symphony

When home is an on-going peaceful symphony.

Just imagine when you first wake up in the morning – you would hear beautiful birdsongs and fresh air fills up your lungs, you see yourself in a sophisticated and elegant place – where you can even smell the fragrance of wood, so strong that it awakes all your senses. You are showered with positive energy to start your new day.

And when the sunset comes, when all works are done, you come back come. A safe, comfortable place – where the family would gather around, having dinner together, talking about your day or you can just lie down and relax.

Peace is where home is.

Peaceful Symphony ForestA
Peaceful Symphony ForestA


The house’s structure is precisely designed with Japanese “Zen” philosophy in mind – a calling to come back to your own “Zen garden”, your inner world – from the parking area, you would have a chance to embrace the beauty of nature from the garden view, a gentle, fresh breeze is in the air when you walk pass the aquatic garden, you would feel as if all your tiredness is washed off, and you are home.

The main area of the house is the living room, dining room and the kitchen, the shared areas are not separated by walls but linked together in a larger space, giving a sense of flow to the house and thus strengthening the bonds between family members.

Peaceful Symphony ForestA

A recessed wall shelf is arranged in the living room, so while being a “storage”, it can also be an item of furniture for the area through displayed decorations. We decided to apply a glass door system throughout the main area, including the living room, dining room and the kitchen to ensure ventilation and at the same time thinner the gap between the interior and exterior.

Along the main area, walking inside the house, across the hallway with a sliding louver wooden door will lead you to private rooms of the house. With this arrangement, the house is ensured about security and proper ventilation – the atmosphere inside will always be fresh – like breathing in the morning dew – which helps bring calmness and serenity to the house and its owners.

Right here, the main area communicates with private areas through the aquatic garden.

The water garden is a shallow pool, which is carefully measured and applied a circulation system, soils are placed to avoid moss.

The master room is on the left side of the house, with garden views to evoke inspiration while maintaining privacy. While designing the master room, we made sure to keep the minimalism’s mindset – the sleeping area is assembled with a simple wooden bed and a wall wooden desk with a view to the front garden to support the owner’s working purpose.

The closet inside the master room is also designed with wooden box shelves as small storages, we intended to arrange small places to keep appliances and stuff around the house to ensure the house would always have a clean, tidy look. Going from the wooden furniture of the closet area to the grey cooling wheat stone tiles of the bathroom is a sign of changing area for the owners.

Peaceful Symphony ForestA
Peaceful Symphony ForestA
Peaceful Symphony ForestA

On the right side of the house, there is a washing area, two single bedrooms and the back yard.

All shared and private areas have their own characteristics which highlight the differences of each functional space; ventilation and having a connection to nature are the two principal factors for every living area.

Furniture is exclusively designed and crafted, which embodies the owners’ style and thus ensures effectivity while using furniture.


For Peaceful Symphony House, we decided to use black slate roofs to deduct the impacts of Vietnamese tropical weather. This also adds a more sophisticated touch to the house.

Wheatstone and wood are the two key materials for this project. With the contrast between colors and textures, the cooling, classic wheatstone complements the warm wood. The natural scent of wooden material also helps wake up humans’ five senses, bringing us back to the present – aligning with the Zen principle of “Here and Now”.

Architect:   Forest Architecture

Designers:   Trịnh Thu Thủy,   Steven Huynh

Site Area:   516m2

GFA:   214m2

Address:   Bình Phước, Việt Nam

Client:    Anh Hoàng

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