PT Wood Showroom & Office


Construction ground is reconstructed from 2 urban houses, with the common system of columns grid and beams in the center are the constraints in renovating the showroom.

As for a limited budget, it is unreasonable to change the original structure. Our problem-to-solve is to come up with a design that keeps the origin structured with many limitations and provide an innovative plan for a public showroom, which needs a spacious and elegant look.

Base on what we have, we only allow one column to be seen, other columns are skillfully hidden in the shelves system. This helps get rid of the rigid look of the old structure. Windows are applied on almost all street-faced sides to bring in the natural light, moreover to attract attention.

While furniture showcase areas are separated from the working areas, they still complement each other with the help of a system of flexible pivot louvered wooden doors, which allows the showroom to have both private and public areas when needed.

Redundant walls are eliminated. Instead of separating different functional areas with walls, designers take advantage of the showroom’s products, such as shelves, louver doors, louvered partitions, etc to mark areas in a more dynamic way.

Light is mostly captured from large windowpanes, then goes through a filtered process by a layer of light through curtains. This lets in a decent amount of light, which gives a soothing, relaxing and compatible look for the interior, while still not overtaking and dimming the light from lighting products.


The ceiling is flattened and painted with white color, contrasting with the dark wooden floor, provokes a minimalist and spacious sense for a diverse materials furniture showroom.

Architects:    ForestA

Designers:     Trịnh Thu Thủy, Trần Anh Tuấn

Design year:   2021 – Status: Under-construction

Site Area:    280m2

GFA:    280m2

Address:    Đồng Hới City, Quảng Bình Province, Vietnam

Client:    Phú Thịnh Company


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