The Voids House

Located in Dong Hoi – a city in the middle of Vietnam with a harsh climate, where four seasons express themselves extremely.

Our client is a middle-class man who has a unique and high aesthetic sense. He came to ForestA’s designers with a short description: “A house that is “green”, minimalist and convenient”.

Our intention then is to design a house that is both convenient, conveys a sophisticated and minimalist style and ensures that the atmosphere inside it always pleasant. This brings us a perfect opportunity in enhancing and adding more diversity to our design perspective.


Alongside the site area’s length, 3 gardens with different sizes alternate with other functional areas of the house. The compatible of switching between out and in, public and private provides a limitless sense, with the help of open-space structure, relative delimitation by using light and materials which ensures privacy when needed.

One of our applications for this special objective is the usage of pocket doors, which are used in almost all of the main rooms. These doors will flexibly hide, which not only help welcome the fresh air during summertime and prevent the cold breeze during wintertime, but also give the house a more elegant and neat touch.

Unnecessary rooms are eliminated, area structure is flattened, rigid and sharp edges are reduced with the intention to create a tidy and spacious zone. The view to the front door is enlarged to gather lights and fresh air.

Public zones and private zones are distinctively separated to enhance the characteristic of each area.

Walls between the kitchen- dining room – living room and bedrooms are eliminated, public areas are organized in a wider place with a straight view to the garden. Ventilation is ensured so that the house is pleasant and cool even without air conditioners. Family members are from different generations, meaning their hobbies and interests are not the same. Still, with the environment that allows them to have privacy when needed and get-together areas for strengthening bonds, all members can feel comfortable while still being able to take care of each other.

Furniture is specifically designed for our clients, which conveys their style and goal – furniture can be used to their highest potential.


Whetstone and wood are the key materials for this project, produce a contrast between colors, materials, textures. The cooling whetstone floor complement with the warm wood is a sign of changing area for users.

The white color is the best option for wall painting, together with the color gray and yellow mainly from wood, stones giving the house an aesthetic touch. With a careful pick in choosing furniture, appliances, paintings, curtains, etc and in-house plants creating a spacious, neat and environment-friendly sense for the house, while still accentuating the owner’s sophisticated lifestyle.

Architects:    ForestA + TAMA Architects

Designers:    Trịnh Thu Thủy, Lê Bảo Quốc Minh

Design year:     2019 – Year of completion: 2020

Site Area:   145m2

GFA:   320m2

Location:     Đồng Hới City, Quảng Bình Province, Vietnam

Client:    Mr. Sơn

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